Sonali Solanki, Pre-Licensed Professional, ATR-P, MA (she/her) is a pre-licensed art therapist who holds a Masters in Counseling and an Art Therapy degree from Adler University. She is focused on working with adolescents and adults adjusting to life challenges and transitions. Sonali is interested in helping those with low self-esteem and self-worth, anxiety, depression, and trauma express their emotions and reclaim their power and narrative.

By providing a safe, nonjudgmental, and collaborative space to process difficult emotions, Sonali empowers and supports her clients on their journey towards healing. Her role is to serve as a guide as her clients lean into their vulnerabilities and become their authentic selves. She believes that each individual has the ability to harness their strengths to find a path that gives them meaning and purpose. She views the therapeutic environment as a space where clients can tap into wonderment, explore feelings, ask questions, share experiences, laugh, cry, and celebrate successes, big or small. 

Sonali has experience working with clients across the age spectrum who come from diverse cultural backgrounds in both Community Mental Health and Private Practice settings. She is intent on fostering cultural competency, equity, and inclusion for her clients. In her approach, she integrates solution-focused, person-centered, narrative, and somatic (mind-body connection) interventions along with warmth and empathy to nurture the therapeutic relationship and generate self-awareness and self-compassion. 

In her spare time, Sonali loves hiking, traveling, and spending time with her dog. She can also be found painting, baking, and re-watching her favorite feel-good TV shows.

You can reach Sonali by email at