Sarah Evans, BA, (she/her) is a current Master’s Degree candidate for Clinical Social Work at the Ohio State University. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology at Belmont University. She is focused on working with adolescents and early adults coping with everyday challenges, transitions and guiding all that she works with to find liberation from the societal constraints that may be stripping away the goodness that life can hold. Sarah embraces the dialectic of joy and sorrow, utilizing the nuance of individual experience as an opportunity to find meaning. She believes in the complexities of trauma and recognizes the differences that one similar experience may hold for different people. Sarah is particularly interested in supporting those with low-self esteem and self-worth, anxiety, eating disorders, and complex trauma. She strives to guide clients towards reclaiming their lives and developing coping skills for the complexities that our stories hold.

Sarah recognizes the importance of relationships in the therapy space, and strives to create an authentic and safe space for clients to bring all parts of themselves. Sarah has experience with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, and intention work in order to connect our minds with our physical bodies. In providing a non judgemental, collaborative, and open space to process emotions and experiences alike, Sarah strives to guide clients to the depths in order to foster healing. Sarah believes in the power of vulnerability and the ideal that all individuals have the power to lean into themselves in order to find their purpose. She utilizes the therapeutic environment as a space to nurture, ask questions, remain curious, and experience the full spectrum of human emotion. 

Sarah has previously worked in the fields of residential eating disorder treatment, community based mental health, and refugee resettlement. She brings expertise in these areas as well as in religious deconstruction, codependency, dismantlement of purity culture, interpersonal relationship navigation, and coping with chronic illness.