Rebecca Snyder, LSW, CADC is a licensed social worker and certified addictions counselor. She holds a masters degree from Loyola University in Chicago and specializes in substance abuse, mood and anxiety disorders, depression, trauma, and identity issues. Rebecca has worked as a therapist in several areas of practice, including outpatient adolescent social services, outpatient adult substance abuse treatment and adult inpatient behavioral health. She has an eclectic and holistic approach to therapy, utilizing client-centered modalities, a client’s self-determination and identifying the strengths the client already has to aid in a collaborative approach to developing a treatment plan that best suits her clients unique and individual needs.

Rebecca believes the client is the expert on their life and with the thoughtful assistance to healing and exploration, her client’s will be able to access and utilize the tools and insights they need to facilitate recovery, growth and change. Helping clients identify and acknowledge patterns that are damaging or blocking growth and change, looking at and enhancing self-esteem (the way we speak to and treat ourselves), and shifting the perception of our experiences from the lens of fear to the lens of love, belonging and worthiness. Rebecca believes her clients are resilient and have the capacity to make the changes they want to see in their lives. Rebecca is an advocate for those who feel the traumatic effects of judgement and stigma in their relationships, families, workplace, and society at large. By helping her clients gain insights and ultimately increase their decision making skills her clients can establish and maintain healthy boundaries and coping skills.

Rebecca  wants to guide and empower people to explore and find their authentic selves, live their truths wholeheartedly and break away from the damaging and dangerous idea of perfection. She believes the most beautiful thing is to watch vulnerability, see someone feel truly connected to others, to their loved ones, to take healthy and rewarding emotional risks and to learn and grow in the process of it all. Life is messy and she is here to sit with you in it, explore it, understand it and provide you with the tools to clean it up when you are ready all in the comfort of a safe, non-judgemental, and encouraging place to do so.

In her spare time she loves to be outside as much as she can, riding her bike exploring different neighborhoods, or going for walks in the many city parks, snowboarding in the winter and dining outside whenever possible. Seeing live music and staying active is a must for her. She loves to cook and has a minor obsession with candles, scents, blankets and anything that resembles the idea of coziness also known as the Danish way of living aka “Hygge.” To contact Rebecca, she can be reached at