My name is Julie Tierney and I am a Marriage and Family Therapist. I moved to Chicago about a decade ago from San Francisco and brought my west coast roots and ideals with me. I work with clients who see therapy as an opportunity to go on a deep spiritual journey.  I value self reflection and invite personal transformation for my clients. I specialize in working with sensitive people, intuitive people, and people who feel like they don’t belong. I believe that these types of people are the most gifted, talented and powerful forces we have on earth and it is my mission to empower these individuals to use their uniqueness to flourish in their lives.

I help my clients drop acquired societal expectations so that they can experience ease and joy in their life as their true and most authentic selves. I am optimistic, I am playful, and I am deeply spiritual. I have spent much of my life exploring consciousness and meditative practices and feel confident holding space for intentional exploration and growth while expecting accountability and inward reflection from my clients. I believe we are in a powerful time of energetic change and I am here to help those who would like to raise their vibration and evoke positivity on this planet. I live a conscious and sober life and in my free time you can find me listening to podcasts on spirituality, creating abstract art, exercising, or spending time with my chosen family and partner.

You can reach Julie by email at