John Codd, LCSW, CADC, ATE, PEL (he/him) is a licensed clinical social worker and a certified addictions counselor. He is also licensed to work in schools and certified in treating adolescents. John holds a masters degree from Loyola University in Chicago and specializes in trauma, shame, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, as well as family and identity issues. He appreciates how difficult finding a therapist and starting therapy can feel. You don’t have to figure things out on your own.

He has worked as a therapist in many areas of practice for over 25 years and has experience working with individuals, couples, families and with the LGBTQIA community. John believes that our successes and struggles have roots in our personal, relational, familial, and cultural histories. These concerns are maintained by present day patterns of thinking, feeling and relating. John works to support clients in finding solutions to challenges by helping them change the patterns that no longer lead to resolution and fulfillment. He offers an integrative approach beyond traditional therapy, including mindfulness-based interventions, to build and support an individual’s awareness, regulation and sense of well-being.

John supports all sexual orientations, gender expressions and relationship statuses. He recognizes that each course of treatment is deeply personal and unique. He is committed to establishing an open and collaborative therapeutic relationship, offering a safe, nonjudgmental, supportive environment for growth and change. He collaborates with each client to determine unique treatment goals that respect their right to self-determination. He believes enhanced self esteem, improved coping skills and a more empowered decision making process are the foundation for a less burdened, more uplifted & authentic life. John’s unique skills help clients create and choose a greater range of responses to life’s challenges.

You can reach John by email at or at 773-892-1933 X503.