Benji Marton, LCSW (he/him), is a licensed clinical social worker. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Columbia College Chicago and a masters degree from Loyola University Chicago and specializes in substance abuse, trauma, grief, and difficulties around identity. He has worked as a therapist in multiple settings, including outpatient mental health, schools, and group psychotherapy practices. Benji has worked with folks all across the age spectrum from childhood to elderhood in individual, relational and group therapy.

Benji’s work comes from a place of recognition that every person has a unique story, an inimitable set of circumstances within and without their control. Sometimes those circumstances can create scars that leave us feeling uncomfortable; sometimes, we fear mastery over our future because we haven’t obtained mastery of our present. In therapy, Benji believes in the telling of your story from a non-judgmental and curious lens. You, and only you, are the expert in your story. Benji sees therapy as a journey in which therapist and client experience together through a non-hierarchical relationship that focuses on empowerment. Benji is the guide, but ultimately, the journey is yours.

Benji believes that no matter how turbulent and violent the storm on the surface of the sea, somewhere within the depths there is calm. In the same way, each of us holds within us a presence that is authentic, true, and contained within that the ability to just be. The way there is unique to each of us, but Benji utilizes multiple approaches including Somatic Experiencing (utilizing the mind-body connection), psychodynamic work (exploring interpersonal and intrapersonal patterns stemming from childhood), mindfulness/meditation, narrative therapy, depth work with a specific focus on Carl Jung philosophy, and relational/attachment-based therapy.

With this recognition of the individualized story, Benji seeks to build an affirming, sex-positive space that recognizes the natural fluidity of human gender and sexuality. Through this, Benji will set sail on the journey of story mastery no matter your current identity, relational configurations or erotic practices, be it monogamous, non-monogamous, kink/BDSM, and/or LGBTQIA+.