Anna Goldberger, LCSW (she, her), is a licensed clinical social worker. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Beloit College and a masters from University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration. Before becoming a social worker, she worked as a community organizer. Because of this experience, she recognizes the need for emotional, spiritual, and psychological healing among communities and individuals fighting for justice. She brings this recognition and a joy for holding compassionate healing space for all who need it into her therapeutic relationships.

Anna has practiced in a wide variety of settings. She has provided in-home individual, couple, and family counseling in the community mental health world, emotional support and counseling to individuals and families in both inpatient and outpatient medical settings, and outpatient individual therapy. While in community mental health, Anna worked with adolescents and adults recovering from serious mental health crises and helped them recognize and build upon their own strengths. Many of her clients were survivors of physical and sexual abuse, were children of people with addiction, and/or were struggling with their own addiction issues. Through her work in medical settings, Anna worked closely with adolescents and adults with disabilities who were coping with progressive illnesses, loss of physical functioning, anxiety and depression, and who were facing end-of-life decisions. She specializes in working with trauma, anxiety and mood disorders, chronic illness and disability, body positivity, fat positivity and liberation, adolescents and families, and grief and loss. She also has experience and enjoys working with members of the LGBTQIA+ community, veterans and their loved ones, and adults and children impacted by divorce.

Anna believes that people bring inherent strength and beauty with them into the therapeutic relationship, that they carry their own tools for healing and empowerment but are in need of a safe and compassionate space to bring their whole selves and learn to use these tools. She believes oppressive, stigmatizing systems and past trauma are at the root of so much of the shame, isolation, and sense of inadequacy many of us struggle with. Anna brings an all-encompassing empathy and strengths-based approach to her work. She collaborates with her clients to build safety and trust and then partners with them using trauma-centered interventions on the journey towards healing and wholeness.

In her free time, Anna enjoys being with her humans, dog, cat, and chickens. She also loves dancing, karaoke, and crafts. The occasional, raucous round of MadLibs with her loved ones is also an important part of her self-care.  

Languages spoken: English, Spanish