Ann Cain, LSW (she/her) is a social worker with her Masters in Social Work degree from Loyola University Chicago. She has experience working with adolescent and adult clients, with a focus on late adolescence and emerging adulthood. Her clinical focus includes shame, trauma, depression and anxiety. Ann believes that therapy is inherently relational and she works to establish a supportive and encouraging environment where clients feel empowered and connected. Through the therapeutic relationship, Ann strives to create a space where a client’s intersecting identities are affirmed and celebrated. She employes cultural humility into her work by continuing to engage in education and conversation around racial justice, disability justice, and queer affirming topics. Ann believes in creating an environment where a client feels open to share their experience freely without the burden of educating their therapist. 

Ann has experience in Community Mental Health, Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Programs. She centers her practice in feminist therapy, while incorporating behavioral, cognitive, and interpersonal interventions. Ann believes that a person is the expert in their own life and that therapy is one tool among many in the healing and self-discovery process. She also encourages peer support, and is familiar with 12-Step, Smart Recovery, and various support groups in the community. In addition to her clinical experience, Ann has worked in Fair Housing advocacy and Permanent Supportive Housing Programs, supporting disabled clients experiencing chronic houselessness. 

Ann enjoys spending time with her rescue dog, Ollie, and biking around the city. She loves trying new rootbeers, watching documentaries, and can’t pass up a good meme. 

You can reach Ann by email at