Alison Dowd (she/her) is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) in Chicago. Alison received her MA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Counseling and has specialized in working with complex trauma and associated concerns including anxiety, grief, shame, substance use, chronic stress, and persistent dissociative processes. 

Alison holds space for individuals to metabolize trauma and shame by honoring relational patterns and beliefs as learned ways of being in the world. She holds the belief that people grow through and toward relationships, yet the consequences of traumatic events, relational wounding, cultural oppression, and systemic inequities often become sources of chronic disconnection and disempowerment. Alison enjoys working with folks who would like to reclaim their agency and reconnect authentically with self and others in order to live more empowered and affirming lives.

Alison invites all parts of you into the space with curiosity, compassionate attention, and radical acceptance. As a practitioner of sensorimotor psychotherapy, she draws on somatic (body-based) interventions to support folks in exploring their emotions, survival defenses, and beliefs as they manifest in the nervous system and body. Alison is currently working toward her certification in NARM (Neuroaffective Relational Model), an embodied approach that addresses early attachment and relational trauma. Alison holds space that encourages folks to attune with their own embodied intelligence in order for it to emerge, unfold, and facilitate their own brilliance and emotional robustness.

Alison has worked as an outpatient therapist at community-based agencies with survivors of domestic violence, intimate partner abuse, sexual assault, and childhood sexual trauma. She is sex-positive and 2SLGBTQIA, poly/ENM and kink-affirming. Prior to her clinical practice, Alison had a career as a teaching artist with the Disability community and maintains her own creative practice.

Alison can be reached at