Clients who engage in services at Head/Heart Therapy Inc. must reside in the state of Illinois at the time services are rendered. If a client is residing or chooses to relocate to an alternate state, outside of Illinois, then services will be suspended until the client has returned to the state of Illinois or the client will be referred to an alternate therapist in the state in which they reside. If a client has temporarily relocated (e.g., school, work, etc.), then services will be suspended and/or paused until the client has permanently returned to the state of Illinois or a referral will be provided.

Please note: Each state has jurisdiction over the therapeutic relationship and due to licensing rules and regulations, Head/Heart Therapy, Inc. clinicians will only be meeting with clients who reside in the state of Illinois.


Individual therapy is suited to people looking to deepen their understanding of self and shift thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve them. Our therapists use a variety of methods in treating clients’ unique needs. As a Department of Alcohol and Substance Abuse certified facility, we are all equipped to support people struggling with substance use disorders.


From assessment to treatment, our intensive retreats are customized exclusively for you. Retreats will help you shine light on issues that have created ongoing difficulty in your life, identify the barriers that may have you repeating the same unhelpful patterns over and over and discover new tools to cope, change, heal and grow.


Groups provide a unique perspective where individuals can utilize the power of their peers to support growth and change.


For anyone in a relational dynamic looking to resolve problems or deepen their relationship, relational therapy can be a supportive way to return back to one another utilizing healthy communication.