Applications are being reviewed for a full-time* psychotherapist position. Hours are flexible, but will require weekends. Candidates must possess an interest in specializing in addiction/substance use disorders, shame-resilience, as well as complementary healing modalities.


  1. A Master’s Degree in social work or professional counseling. Applicants must have
    LSW, LPC or clinical licensure and have a minimum of 1 year of practice post graduate degree.
  2. A self starter, motivator, with adequate administrative/technology skills.
  3. Experience working with substance use disorders (treatment center, outpatient therapy or community mental health) and an openness to both philosophies of abstinence and harm-reduction.
  4. Open to working with LGBTQIA+ and kink/BDSM; clients in alternative relationships (open relationships, polyamory and other forms of non-monogamy)
  5. An interest in additional healing modalities such as Reiki, hypnotherapy, yoga,
    energy psychology, creative arts therapies, etc.
  6. A thirst for knowledge.
  7. Patience and willingness to actively grow practice.
  8. Organized, team-oriented, professional, timely and responsible.
  9. A willingness and passion for self-work as it relates to both personal and professional growth.


  1. Complete the credentialing and insurance paneling requirements.
  2. Contact and schedule patients in a timely manner.
  3. Provide psychotherapy to individuals, couples and/or groups.
  4. Complete documentation and billing forms in a timely manner.
  5. Build and maintain a caseload of at least 22 sessions a week.
  6. Attend various networking/marketing/training events to increase professional network and skills.


  1. Attractive income potential in a fee for service practice.
  2. Regular supervision and consultation in addiction and shame-resilience modalities.
  3. Eligibility for health insurance.
  4. Liability insurance covered by employer.
  5. Marketing and referrals.
  6. Monthly group consultation.
  7. A practice that prioritizes self-work, ongoing growth, and learning.
  8. Freedom to develop your own programs, workshops and groups.
  9. This is a W2 position.

To apply, please send resume or CV, cover letter and one letter of recommendation to . Please discuss your experience working with individuals who suffer from substance use disorders and your philosophy regarding abstinence and harm reduction.

Head/Heart Therapy is a group therapy practice specializing in the treatment of adults and adolescents struggling with shame, addiction, mood/anxiety disorders, and many other difficulties of life. We aim to increase our clients’ capacity for self-compassion, empowerment and efficacy by helping diminish unnecessary suffering. We seek to develop authentic, caring connections with clients through empathy, kindness, patience and hope.

Head/Heart Therapy provides a foundation of serenity, understanding and balance. Our therapists offer a unique set of skills to provide integrative, holistic care in a healing environment.

To learn more about Sarah Buino and the practice, visit

*Full-time therapists are required to work a minimum of 30 hours and average 22 clients a week (not to exceed 40 hours week). Due to the variability in caseload per week, clinicians who are seeing fewer clients will complete additional responsibilities when they have lower volume clinical weeks to assist them in meeting the 30-hour minimum requirement.