With friends like Ryanne Bright MA, LCPC, CADC, it’s a wonder we haven’t yet solved ALL of the world’s problems. But we’re working on it! Ryanne is the co-founder, co-owner and Chief Clinical Officer of The Family Recovery Centers in Chicagoland. As if she didn’t have enough on her plate, she’s also the founder of Chicago Integrative Center For Psychology. In her words, she’s a beautiful disaster. In my words, she’s a badass. So much so that her ability to reach high-risk kids, often without returning them to inpatient programs, has earned her the nickname “last chance Ryanne” (love that). Yup, this episode is that kind of conversation. Exactly what you’d expect from someone who works well with teens – and newer clinicians.

Another characteristic that makes Ryanne perfectly suited to connect with the classically challenging to reach? She owns the healer label and all the wounds that got her here: an early reliance on drugs and alcohol as well as a youthful arrogance directed at her own therapy, even as she pursued her degree in the field. It’s these experiences that drive her passion for the work. She encourages those new to the profession to commit to their own therapy as well (dear listener, after 100+ episodes, you know I’m down with this advice!). That’s a foundational tenet of our grand plan for solving the world’s problems. Ryanne and I kick around a few more ideas, like chipping away at the performative authenticity many inexperienced therapists rely on in session. Also, restoring art and intuitiveness to the science of care. Once we’ve conquered those tasks, all will be well. Listen in; you’ll see. 


The Family Recovery Centers

Chicago Integrative Center For Psychology


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