Our therapists bring a rich background with various additional training which they infuse into their practice.

Headheart-Logo-contentHypnosis: Memory is imperfect, whether or not hypnosis is used. Memory is not like a tape recorder, and rarely will all the details of any recollection be fully accurate. People have been shown to be capable of filling in gaps in memory, of distorting information, and of being influenced in what is “remembered” by leading questions or suggestions.  For example, our memories MAY be influenced through reading, movies, TV, or conversations. Thus, research has shown that there is no guarantee that information remembered through hypnosis (or through ordinary recall) is factually accurate. On the other hand, information that is so remembered through hypnosis may in fact be accurate. But, the only way one may know definitively whether something recalled under hypnosis is accurate is to obtain independent corroboration. Thus, if you should remember something under hypnosis, regard this information as simply one more source of data that cannot be relied on as more accurate or necessarily superior to material already in conscious awareness. Such further data would simply be information to be weighed and evaluated in therapy along with what you already consciously know.

John can provide hypnosis as an adjunct to traditional talk therapy.

Headheart-Logo-contentYoga: Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self. - The Bhagavad Gita
Yoga simply means "union." We become one with ourselves, our breath, our thoughts, and our intentions through the sacred practice of yoga. It is well understood and researched that we store trauma and emotional pain in our physical body. Only through a better relationship with our body can we unlock that storied pain and move through to health. Whether we speak our truth, focus our breath, practice meditation, or movement through asanas, we invite our body and our mind to become more in sync. Yoga informs and influences clinical practice through being attuned to overall observations about the present moment. Few of us keep our shoulders close to our ears if we are discussing something of comfort or ease. Understanding and being aware of how we take up space in our own body is a gift that yoga teaches us. As you read this, where is your breath? Do you find your chest rises and falls or do you allow the air to travel into your low belly? In session you can expect to find new ways of working with what brings you into treatment. Meditation, breath work, or even movement may be used to find what works best for you in the moment. We invite you to engage in this ancient practice with us and we consider it an honor to share the experience on the mat with you.

Tessa can weave yoga practices into traditional talk therapy. Sarah can provide yoga-informed psychotherapy techniques into traditional sessions.

Music: "When words fail music speaks," Hans Christian Andersen.
Music has the capacity to transform our mood, initiate time travel, and enliven emotion. When used in therapy it can act as a tool for empathy and connection. Whenever we struggle to find words for how we feel, there's always a song that tells our story. Music has such a powerful presence in many people's lives that to exclude it from therapy would be a great disservice to ourselves. 

In therapy sessions, Sarah can utilize music interventions in traditional therapy. 

Headheart-Logo-contentReiki: Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being. The bottom line is that we are all made up of energy. Anodea Judith explains it in this way: We are made up of hardware (body, skin, organs, blood, etc) and software (emotions, memories, knowledge, etc). What makes the hardware and software communicate? Energy. Just as with cell phones we have the hardware (the physical phone) and software (data, photos, music, programs), but when the battery is dead they are not connected. Reiki can be used to aid the flow of energy through the body to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Sarah can provide Reiki sessions as an adjunct to therapy. Reiki sessions are separate and cost is $85/hour. Unfortunately Reiki is not covered by insurance at this time.

To learn more about Reiki you can visit this site.

Headheart-Logo-contentChakra work: What are chakras?  Chakras are energy centers that help conduct the flow of energy throughout the body.  When chakras are blocked or have too much energy, it can result in illness, anxiety, depression, and other maladies.  Specific exercises and/or Reiki can help relieve imbalanced energy flow through chakras. In session, you may be asked to identify parts of your body that are activated by certain feelings. This knowledge can help your therapist recognize where your energy may be out of balance and how best to help it regain balance.  

Sarah, Tessa and Kathryn can infuse their knowledge of the chakra system into traditional therapy.

Click here to learn more about the seven main chakras.


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