“The cycles repeat, but it’s never the same. There’s always some wisdom that’s there ready like, when we’re available, it reveals itself.” – April McMurtry 

If the Moon could speak, what would it tell us? Creative Lunar Guide April Miller McMurtry, MAT, says that the great orb is transmitting intel to us all the time; we just need to become more fluent in its language. April provides folks with the tools and instruction they need via The Moon Is My Calendar, a multi-course site dedicated to fostering more profound connections with the Moon’s cycles. Her work speaks to the part of me that loves it’s-okay-to-say-witchy mindfulness. How she got to the finished product reminds me that no one arrives fully informed or magically capable of this stuff. Instead, we flow through states of waxing, waning, then repeating

“I primarily identify as someone who loves to be in that learning experience,” says April, explaining how her personal and professional lives merged quite literally under the Moon. “I taught Spanish for ten years, and something I love about astrology and the cycles of the Moon is that it’s a language. We develop a relationship and a fluency with it over time.” With The Moon Is My Calendar, April provides a platform by which folks can collectively pursue inner wisdom and set up lunar routines for taking better care of themselves, each other, and the planet. 

April’s tools for engaging with energetic patterns are more robust than a daily tracking log and more inclusive than calendars that chart menstrual cycles. “For me, it was what are the different cycles I go through with my own energy, with my emotions, with my creativity?” Her goal was to bring about more intention to how we experience our inner and outer lives, with the Moon reminding us that everything happens (or should happen) in phases. 

But what about modern everyday responsibilities? Honestly, I want my conversations with La Luna to provide the perfect antidote to these crazy times. And I want it now. April says imperfect and steady changes are already taking place––in the cycles that envelop us each time we begin new practices, break old habits, and circle back to our foundational needs. All we have to do is reacquaint ourselves with the Moon’s subliminal dialect. 


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April Miller McMurtry is a creative lunar guide who supports people on their path of growth and transformation through the simple yet profound practice of self-study in relationship with cycles. April is the founder of THE MOON IS MY CALENDAR and has independently published the New Moon Calendar Journal since 2014. With a Master of Arts in Teaching and a background in expressive art, yoga and meditation, April loves to share the language of the Moon to help people access their inner wisdom – inspiring us all to take better care of ourselves, each other, and the Earth!

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