“Women have been socialized for sacrifice [and] I think men are much more socialized towards pleasure.” – Liz Dubé

Liz Dubé, MA, MS, has one of the best professional introductions on the planet. “I want to heal the world one bedroom at a time.” For the record, Liz is a certified sex therapist, not a sex surrogate. In other words, she gets talky with her clients, not touchy. If visions of the Netflix show “Sex Education” come to mind, you’re on the right path. If you have memories of Dr. Ruth Westheimer answering embarrassing questions on her weekly radio show with sincerity and smarts, you, too, are on the right path (also, you’re ancient, like me. Yay!).

Full disclosure: The last time I interviewed a sex therapist, I got super triggered. I’m in the thick of healing from sexual trauma and I noticed the same feelings rising to the surface during this conversation, which made it challenging for me to ask Liz all the questions floating around in my head. That said, Liz understood––and made this Wounded Healer feel safe, secure, and respected. Liz’s compassion is born out of her own sexual trauma. “I saw myself as overcoming this and wanting to help other people overcome, but then also really excited about people who didn’t have any trauma but wanted to bring themselves to the next level of sexual empowerment.”

We live in a world working overtime to cleave us from our innate sexuality (thanks capitalism, patriarchy, et al.). No wonder we disembodied creatures have difficulty connecting, regardless of our trauma histories. Hell, even the most “together” of relationships might struggle with the sexual part of intimacy. “Maybe a part of you thinks I’m not enough, I’m defective, I’m broken, I’m a fraud––all these things that so many of us relate to show up in the bedroom,” says Liz. 

You’re not broken; intimacy is overwhelming! Addressing trauma and restoring desire doesn’t have to be. In addition to her psychotherapy practice, Liz offers a 4-week coaching program to empower women. She also shares adult sex education tips via her YouTube and TikTok channels. “So many people come to me, saying, ‘Liz, can I be healed?’ And I’m like, f*ck, yeah, you can!”

Drs. Jean Milburn and Ruth Westheimer would be proud.


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Liz Dubé (sounds like Doobay), a Certified Sex Therapist, Coach and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, loves working with people who want to better understand themselves sexually and feel sexually empowered. She’s helped thousands of men, women, and couples who were feeling stuck sexually and is working her ass off to save the world one bedroom at a time.