“It’s a beautiful gift, and it’s a good reminder for everybody because we forget sometimes that we’re not really disconnected from our loved ones when they pass.” – Linda Roberts

It’s not every day that I speak with an animal psychic. Allow me to head off any skepticism by saying this is no “talk to the animals” farce. If you’ve ever experienced the special bond from loving an animal, you likely shared moments of complete synchronicity, as if you both spoke a common language. When that beloved animal passes, the loss is immense. Overwhelming. I say this as someone who has missed her little Oscar every day since he left this world in 2019.

The interconnectivity between animals and humans is not imagined or inflated. Cat, dog, bunny, lizard, horse, hamster…regardless of species, Linda Roberts says we all have an innate capacity to connect telepathically with our furry (or scaly) companions if we remove self-doubt and balance logic with intuition. Oh, and practice, as is the case with any new-to-us language. 

For those not up to the work, Linda is a fantastic intermediary. She’s a life-long animal lover who’s honored her ability to communicate with creatures great and small through energetic, heartfelt connections.

“I use telepathy, which is that intuitive sixth sense that we all have, to communicate with the animals and understand their needs as far as health issues or behavior issues, end of life decisions,” Linda explains. She provided enduring comfort to us as Oscar slowed down, helping me recognize his shifting needs and concerns. That knowledge eased my anxiety about behavior issues which in turn alleviated Oscar’s anxiety as he reached the end of his life. The loss was in no way painless, but it was much more peaceful.

Linda doesn’t limit her work to end of life or afterlife communication. She shares several stories of pet-owner impasse and insight into the mind of pandemic pets who find themselves thrust into long periods of loneliness after two years of 24/7 wfh companionship. That pee on your sofa is no joke! 

“Anxiety and stress have been big during the pandemic for humans and all animals that are domesticated,” she says, reminding folks that animal communicators don’t provide quick fixes. Instead, they listen to both sides and create an environment for compromise. “I like to empower my clients, to give them something to do instead of just telling them, well, this is the problem, and it’s up to you to figure it out.”


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Linda Roberts is a lifelong animal lover who enjoys working and living with a variety of animals. Linda feels honored to have the ability to communicate with them. It’s through an energetic, heartfelt connection that she is able to acquire an understanding of the animal’s thoughts, actions, and feelings.  She has experience working with cats, dogs, horses, birds, and reptiles.  Linda enjoys helping people to solve the mysteries surrounding their animal’s behaviors and health concerns. She also enjoys teaching others to tap into this natural ability.