“People that are willing to really lean in and be transparent about what happens in themselves, the insecurities that come up or whatever, and what happens with the clients, I think that’s an indicator that we’re ready to be mature enough to step into the work.” – Shelby Leigh

I have long wished for one complete website where I could find information about every trauma modality––the who, what, where, why, and how of trauma-informed care if you will––because I want training in all of them! 

“And then what, Sarah?” asked everyone everywhere.

Good question! There’s a high probability that even with all that intel, I’d still require help translating knowledge into something resembling beneficial trauma-informed care. The truth is, whether we’re therapists, specialized healers, or lightworkers, there’s a reason why we call what we do practice: we never arrive at a place of absolute knowing. Spoiler alert, I guess, for all of you newbie practitioners. While I can attest to the point at which we’re in flow with this work, it’s imperative that discoveries both personal and professional never stop. 

Shelby Leigh helps practitioners of all sorts examine, without judgment, the situations that arise, teaching them how to best integrate a foundation of trauma awareness into their practice life. When we accompany clients on their healing journeys, we’re bound to encounter new conflicts and confront reminders of our past traumas. It’s these inevitabilities that Shelby’s 1-to-1 coaching sessions and group programs make space to address. Her coaching clients gain a more nuanced understanding of themselves and how trauma impacts the care dynamic.

The thing I grapple with in terms of coaches vs therapists is, I want healers to be able to heal and harmers unable to harm. Of course, in saying this, I realize that harm can (and does) happen in all spaces where there’s a practitioner/client relationship. Shelby, a former licensed psychotherapist with over 15 years of experience, is one coach who’s committed to providing an environment in which authenticity can thrive alongside accountability. She’s also one who takes her own medicine. “I’ve been in this business for 15 or more years [and] I get consultation every other week,” Shelby says, acknowledging the years she spent refusing help herself because she thought she knew it all. “I didn’t want feedback from anyone. I was the smartest kid in class. But the more I’m in this industry, the more consultation I want.”

As someone who’s constantly urging therapists to do their own work, I hella approve of Shelby’s coaching roadmap! I appreciate healers like her, who actively support the rest of us as we push the self-imposed limits of our intrapersonal communication skills and deepen our interpersonal healing. 


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Shelby Leigh has nearly 15 years of clinical practice, a Master’s degree in Somatic Psychotherapy, two coaching Certificates and numerous trainings in the Somatic treatment of trauma. Between her own journey with complex PTSD and supporting thousands of students and clients, she is ignited by supporting folks across the globe to be able to support themselves and the people they work with to move from simply surviving to truly thriving.

A former licensed psychotherapist, now coach and consultant – Shelby teaches trauma awareness to coaches, therapists, healthcare professionals, and organizations worldwide. A great passion is understanding and supporting folks with developmental and complex trauma in a holistic, body-based, integrative way.

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