“While yes, I’m looking for this clinical growth and expansion, I didn’t realize that me taking on this role would come with emotional growth too. And I think that’s been probably the most exciting piece for me.” -Rayell Grayson

This one has all the hallmarks of those “very special episodes” from tv days gone by. Awesome guest? Check. Witty banter? Check. A lesson on the power of vulnerability? Check. We’re talking *chef’s kiss* from start to finish, not least because I get to publicly gush over my friend Rayell Grayson, LCPC, CADC. 

Knowing Rayell brings me so much joy on the daily. I’m proud to be in her orbit and utterly amazed by her as a counselor, speaker, manager, and human. She’s committed her life to holding space for and centering those who identify as BIPOC. As if those “badass human” credentials weren’t enough, Rayell is also Executive Director at Head/Heart Therapy––but not for long. Trumpets, please, as I introduce folks to the next owner of the practice!

Say what?!?!

I said it. I mean it. I’m doing it! And when you meet Rayell, you’ll understand why she’s the logical choice to guide Head/Heart Therapy into the future. Had I not brought her on once the pandemic hit in 2020, I genuinely don’t think I would’ve survived. 

Forget Head/Heart; I mean me, as a living, breathing being. When I look back on that period in my life, I know now that I would’ve closed the business and done irreversible physical harm to myself. 

How’s that for vulnerability in all its gritty honesty? A genius segue into my conversation with Rayell.

 “All the people that I know in the therapy field, you all are a**holes for not warning me in advance about Sarah,” Rayell jokes. “I had no idea who that lady was!” And who I am is the practice owner that giddily requires new hires to take NARM training. Exploring vulnerability on your own is challenging; engaging in bona fide vulnerability coursework? Intense! And so very rewarding. 

“I am over here, like, okay, like, give me a little nudge towards this next opportunity of growth for me. What’s next? You’re going to push me to discomfort? All right. I’m going to go ahead and put my toes right at the edge and lean right into that,” Rayell recalls, noting that the personal and professional transformations are profound. “It was almost like I did a whole 180 of how I saw myself in relationship with people.”

Here’s to the promise of continued emotional evolution for both Rayell and Head/Heart Therapy. Let’s bear witness to the future of anti-racist, anti-oppressive, liberatory therapy together.


NARM – NeuroAffective Relational Model


Head/Heart Therapy

Rayell Grayson LCPC, CADC, is a licensed clinical professional counselor, certified addictions counselor, and the Executive Director of Head/Heart Therapy. She holds a Master’s of Arts degree in clinical counseling psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Rayell specializes in: substance abuse/addiction, complex PTSD, trauma/racial trauma, cultural/racial identity development, life adjustments/transitions, stress management, mood disorders, anxiety, relational complications, domestic and sexual violence, low self-esteem/self-worth struggles, women’s issues, and health/wellness concerns. Rayell is currently holding space and centering her work around those who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color).

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