If astrology is fake, why is it so real?” -Sara Calvarese

Let’s settle this once and for all: astrology is a science like quantum physics and theoretical math. Please don’t come at me; I’ve got a former chemical engineer on my side. Actually, my guest Sara Calvarese, the aforementioned former chemical engineer, made that bold proclamation at the top of our chat. Throughout the convo, Sara drops truth bombs supporting astrology’s place alongside other analytical pursuits along with quotable gems regarding small business ownership, community, and eroding capitalism. 

Astrology, entrepreneurship, and degrowth––a trifecta of healing endeavors that this Wounded Healer is intensely passionate about (cue my inner Chiron monologue!). If you don’t know much, or anything, about these topics, let this episode be your gateway. 

Let Sara provide deeper insight into the mystic-scientific connection for those well-acquainted with the good stuff. Sara is an anti-capitalist, self-proclaimed science witch and owner of The 8th House ethical modern metaphysical shop in Mount Holly, NJ (on Lenape land). Her genius way of cataloguing the numerous similarities between astrology and contemporary scientific study is as profound as it is enjoyable. “I would argue that they share a lot of common goals,” she says. “I think that science is magic. When we think about what we can do with science, is this or is this not magic?” 

I don’t need convincing! Others, however, might, and that’s a good thing. We must exercise critical thought when presented with new-to-us information. Saying that astrology, like other sciences, uses similar means to attain similar goals isn’t enough. Naturally, scientific Sara delivers evidence to support her hypothesis. “I think there’s a lot that goes into research that is really quite magical. A lot of it is, let’s just do this and see what happens. But, also, it’s highly controlled, and highly, I would almost dare to say, ritualistic.” 

The parameters that scientists rely on to provide recorded proof––like repeatable processes, double-blind results, and peer reviews––are simply structured activities that ultimately result in magical outcomes. In that regard, astrologers and practical witches follow the same methodologies. “We believe in ritual. We believe in repetition. We believe in all of these things that sort of mesh together.”

One might even call this conversation between Sara/hs a peer review. JK! Or am I? As with everything, including astrology, hindsight is 20/20…and we all know what happened in March of that year—just saying. If you want a heads-up on what’s coming, a scientific assessment of the stars could provide warning, wisdom, and a way forward. 


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Sara Calvarese is an anti-capitalist, “science witch” who owns The 8th House – an ethical modern metaphysical shop in Mount Holly, NJ (on Lenape land). She is an astrologer, tarot reader, deck creator, author, and maker. She comes from a long line of small business owners and enjoys advocating for small businesses struggling to exist in late-stage capitalism.

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