“A humane marketer is never just using a marketing technique to only his or her own benefit. It’s always to give value to the clients and also give back to the planet.” – Sarah Santacroce 

Here’s the thing about our personal and professional personas: if these separate entities aren’t aligned, then wtf are we doing? I mean, as therapists and/or entrepreneurs, if we’re thoroughly invested and tending to our trauma and nurturing our emotional evolution, why would we subscribe to marketing techniques that guarantee to “drive” growth or “crush” competition? 

Even the language of a stereotypical marketing expert is overburdened with yang energy. And yet, so often, anyone with a business or side project is sold on putting profit above all else, conversion rates and anonymous downloads and monetized likes ahead of what we want to foster: relationships. In a world beholden to capitalism, how else would we measure success? 

Sarah Santacroce isn’t a therapist. She’s an author, podcaster, and successful marketing specialist who helps folks heal from the hustle and still earn a decent living. Through her humane-focused approach, she’s created a global movement that encourages people to bring more empathy and kindness to business and marketing. “We’ve gotten lost in the technical stuff, the digital stuff, with more optimization and more tech and all of that, and we actually forgot that we’re talking to humans.” 

Sarah knows what she’s talking about because she, too, used all the same stale sales and social strategies––and burned out of her thriving, high-stress marketing job. She’s since reevaluated her definition of success and challenged the popular seven Ps of marketing model. Sarah traded its static circles and created a more integrated and intuitive mandala version.

If you think that marketing isn’t my usual line of chat, you’re right but also…the personal and professional are always connected (refer back to the beginning of this post). What could be more genuinely healing to our global psyche than a rebuke of the push! grow! results! mentality that capitalism has heaped on generations of would-be humane business owners and freelancers?

Sarah’s approach gives us the permission to market differently. But, experience has taught her that the answers her clients seek can’t come from the same step-by-step formats that marketeers peddle. “For a lot of clients, it actually comes back to doing the groundwork,” she says. 

Sounds a lot like therapy.

And, as with therapy, truly authentic marketing can only come about when we commit to doing our own work. 


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Sarah Santacroce – Over a decade of running a successful LinkedIn Consulting business inspired a yearning in Sarah to create a global movement that encourages people to bring more empathy and kindness to business & marketing. As a ‘Hippie turned Business Coach’, Sarah has written two books, hosts the Humane Marketing podcast and works with heart-centered entrepreneurs to question their assumptions when it comes to marketing & give them permission to market their business their way, the gentle way! Sarah shares a fresh perspective and doesn’t shy away from calling things out that no longer work for many of us when it comes to the current marketing model. Her clients sometimes refer to her as ‘the female Seth Godin’.

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