“Using this kind of music facilitates the process and they don’t have to do anything, just like listen to the music and let go.” ~Cédric Lebigre

One of the gifts this podcast has given me is aha! moments when I’m most open to receiving a guest’s sage wisdom. More often than not, the insight is exactly what I need to hear to continue my own healing. Cédric Lebigre, an NLP practitioner, hypnotist, and musician living and working in France, scores his truth bombs with beats  If you’re binaural beat curious, fascinated by music and science, or want to cultivate a better understanding of what Shamanism is (and isn’t), welcome to a conversation with its own soundtrack. 

I’ve been listening to Cédric’s work via Insight Timer for a while now. There’s a science as to why this “brainwave entertainment” makes my mind happy: it’s feel-good music, elevated. “In hypnosis, we use the loops,” Cédric explains. “We hop in the loop during the session by telling a story, for example, and we close the loop at the end, which creates an amnesia in the middle.” He employs this structure in his compositions, creating patterns that allow listeners to settle in deep enough that they experience a trance-like state (been there!).

Binaural beats are potent allies in reducing gamma waves (faster) and increasing alpha waves (slower), but you don’t have to geek out on the science behind the sounds to benefit. Some of Cédric’s music has a Shamanistic quality (think rhythmic drumming) thanks to his training in that sacred space. He’s quick to rebuff anyone who burdens him with that title, or that of a healer. The language and cultural differences of being French add an interesting dimension to the healer/wounded healer questions. No spoilers! Instead, I’ll say that, ultimately, we heal ourselves; It’s not about what is done to us. That’s a significant shift within me lately, recognizing that nothing outside of me will do the work; I have to do it internally. 

Of course, a binaural beat soundtrack helps make lighter work of all that healing. 


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Insight Timer

Road Less Traveled: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values, and Spiritual Growth – by M. Scott Beck

Foundation for Shamanic Studies

The Psychology of Spiritual Awakening – by Steve Taylor


Website (in French)




Cédric Lebigre is an NLP practitioner, hypnotist, and founder of Alpha8Origin. Initially trained as an engineer, Cédric has been working for 10 years in different companies before an unexpected encounter with an urban shaman. After this life-changing episode he developed a passion for consciousness’ explorations and words’ magic. Fascinated by sounds since childhood he decided to merge these practices by creating mind-altering music, specifically designed to enhance meditative experiences and assist human beings in their own evolution.

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