“You can speak your truth, and you can be honest, and you don’t always need to defend what you did or what you said or how you are. You can just say it.” ~Brenna Guinan

All of my favorite things conspired to make this chat with fellow therapist and host of Real Fckn Talk Brenna Guinan MHC-LP, CRC a must-listen (IMHO):

  • Instagram friendship 
  • Some witchy sh*t 
  • NARM™ 

That last entry is particularly significant because yours truly leads an impromptu NARM(ish) session on the show for the first time! Yes, the exclamation point is warranted. How many times have y’all heard me espouse the benefits and beauty of NARM therapy? How many times have y’all thought, “For real, Sarah, why don’t you show us instead of telling us about the magic of NARM?” Well, with Brenna’s consent, I finally do it. 

Our conversation expanded to include a brief but revealing look at how NARM sessions work. She got to experience firsthand how the process interrupts the old stories we tell ourselves and those we tell others. Even for Brenna, who’s used to real talk on her podcast, that moment of NARM insight was pretty fucking powerful. 

Okay, okay! I can (and do!) know how to talk about other topics. There’s a self-professed stubbornness about Brenna to which I think many can relate. As is the case with those of us who embody the same *ahem* energy, Brenna eventually found her way to a career she loves – the very same one everyone told her she’d be great at, so she dug her heels in and said, “no.”  

She splits her time between licensed mental health counseling and rehabilitation counseling. For those who’ve not heard of rehabilitation counseling before, Brenna describes it as advocating for people (in her case, students) with disabilities so that they’re set up for adulthood – whether they choose to go to college, trade school, or enter the workforce. 

All this professional level-headedness at twenty-seven and a podcast, too? Yes. This is the part where I get to plug my appearance on Brenna’s show while also telling you that Real Fckn Talk is where guests are invited to go there.“It’s about a time in their life when shit got real, and they struggled with their mental health,” she says. “And, it’s all about just kind of de-stigmatizing mental health and having these open conversations because we all have our shit.”

Oh, yes, we do. I should add a bullet point up top for that as well.


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NARM – NeuroAffective Relational Model

The Daring Way

Space Oddity – by David Bowie




Brenna Guinan is a mental health counselor, certified rehabilitation counselor, and the host of REAL FCKN TALK podcast. As a therapist, Brenna is passionate about normalizing discussions about mental health.

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