“It’s just so important to know that we’re so interdependent, and we thrive through the ability to connect, and that’s the bigger picture.” ~ Shiralee Patel

I’m honored and a little bit giddy to be the first podcast on which Shiralee Patel, PT, DPT, has ever appeared. I mean E-V-E-R! So crazy to me because this wise woman isn’t “just” a physical therapist; she’s my PT. 

I kid, of course, because, beyond that auspicious distinction, Shiralee is a skilled professional whose niche in craniosacral therapy and visceral mobilization encompasses more than “just” adjustments or realignments. She’s an expert in these feeling arts – light touches and manipulations informed by the body’s systems. When providers like her pause and tune in to what the body has to say, they hear the infinite wisdom of organs and emotions; they then translate that information to support better overall health and wellbeing.

“Everything,” Shiralee says, “is connected.” She applies that belief to every aspect of her personal and professional life. “I think that that’s something that’s, in my opinion, missing, that we are an integrated person, an integrated system that’s part of an integrated cosmos if you will.” 

Her work aims to bridge Western and Eastern healing philosophies, bringing both into balance. She does this through touch, palpating organs, and identifying where in the body certain feelings or experiences have settled. Then, she applies techniques to help release those emotions, thus liberating the affected organ or muscle from pain or inflammation. Here’s where, once again, I point out that Shiralee’s work isn’t “just” a simple matter of touch. Lasting change isn’t as easy as one-and-done. The process is cumulative and even more profound in conjunction with other healing modalities such as talk therapy, chiropractic, or even dentistry, depending on the root cause of the discomfort.

Ah…the root cause. For those of you who’ve been around Conversations… for a while, you can probably spot a NARM connection a mile away, and you’d be right to do so here. The body keeps the score, people! It’s no coincidence then that Shiralee and I vibe on multiple levels; both of us have found our highest purpose in support of the healing of others – as well as continuing our own. 

So, with that in mind, does Shiralee consider herself a healer? Let’s just say you must listen in to hear her beautifully enlightened answer. For now, I’ll let it slip that she believes in the curative spark residing within each of us. “I like to kind of connect with [that].”


NARM – NeuroAffected Relational Model

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People – by Stephen Covey


C.A.R.E Physical Therapy

Shiralee Patel, DPT, is a physical therapist who works with both adults and children specializing in craniosacral therapy and visceral mobilization. She is passionate about utilizing a holistic approach to determining the underlying factors that cause dysfunction and imbalance.

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