“As we can release things that we’re holding, we get to be more of ourselves and more of our own energy and more of our own essence and power. ” ~Dr. Sonali Deepika

Of all the excellent words spoken in this conversation between Dr. Sonali Deepika and me, the one that stands out is pretty simple: shift.

As in shift the male-dominated, white-centric, evidence-based paradigm that currently governs our Western approach to physical and mental wellbeing. OK, our discussion isn’t nearly as heavy as all that sounds, thanks to Sonali’s grounded nature and conviction in an alternate way forward, a luscious, magical path that reconnects people to their sacred ground. 

Yes, please!! 

Tired of the Western focus on verifiable symptoms and rigid diagnosis codes, Sonali ditched her psychiatry practice several years ago to search for a more holistic way to apply her knowledge and curiosity. The journey led her to her ancestral home of Sri Lanka and the pursuit of sensuality as a gateway to better health. 

“It’s so much about how good does health feel?” says Sonali. “Why do we want to feel healthy? What does that feel like in our bodies, to feel healthy and all the different characteristics, the vibrancy, the energy, our mood, feeling inspired? Like, that’s all part of being in good health.” Not exactly the areas that modern medicine considers when trying to root out imbalances. 

Sonali’s affinity for this transformational work comes from a deeply personal tragedy that she and her family suffered. Her brother’s unexpected suicide prompted her to shift (there’s that word again!) med school priorities from pediatrics to psychiatry. Years later, a Susan Lipshutz-led workshop opened Sonali up to possibilities beyond the intellectual. “It was a lot of that inner journey for me of having operated so much from my head, you know, so much from the thinking, the condition, the intellect, and all of that. And finally, it’s like, ‘Oh wow, there’s a lot here that I haven’t experienced that I hadn’t explored,’ you know? So that felt very powerful.”

Luckily for her clients, Sonali’s journey continues. She’s creating new offerings for her sensuality coaching practice. This field melds her solid Western experience with an intuitive, feminine philosophy, helping people reclaim agency in their own healing and return to a more sacred flow. 

Double yes, please!!


CWH e012 w/ Susan LIpshutz

NARM – NeuroAffected Relational Model

Obliss – Layla Martin

Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality




Dr. Sonali Deepika is a lifelong learner who after practicing psychiatry for many years decided to pursue her passion for holistic healing in support of the embodiment of the soul’s purpose. She discovered this work while living across the globe and found the greatest journey to be that of truly coming home to her body. Her heart-centered calling is to guide others on this luscious, magical path to connect to their sacred ground.

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