“It is my goal to own me, to own myself.” ~Dr. Davia J. Crutchfield, Ph.D.

If you measure life along a linear trajectory, then yeah, Dr. Davia J. Crutchfield, Ph.D., and I have known each other for about a minute. But when it comes to anti-racism and healing wounds caused by white supremacy? Oh…we’re firing on a deeper, symbiotic wavelength! This is a chat between old friends who’ve just met. For a topic that’s so heavy, however, our conversation is buoyant and joyful. It’s also filled with enough snap-worthy points that you’ll want to take notes. Or bookmark this episode. Or have t-shirts printed.

Dr. Davia is a cultural researcher as well as the co-creator and co-founder of BL&CK (pronounced “and Black”), an online community that celebrates the diversity of Blackness. I defy co-conspirators to stay politely quiet as Davia speaks about Black liberation. I challenge any human to not nod in agreement as we break down the many ways white supremacy has deprived us of truly knowing ourselves and voicing our needs – in service to capitalism’s mantra of productivity and profitability. 

Liberty, says Davia, comes from openly confronting what has for too long sat unexamined or, worse, willfully ignored – that race is a construct designed to diminish the personhood of anyone not white. “The whole point of having the conversation is to expand, is for spaces of exposure, is for spaces of awareness. That’s the whole point: to open up perspectives.” 

At the top of the show, I asked Davia to describe Bl&ck. She painted a picture of an online space (for now) that ushers in positivity, wholeness, and wellness. I’ll be damned if she didn’t bring that same energy to this space. She calls our chat an “us” conversation, a sharing of ideas that flows from mutual respect for each other’s right to live authentically. “It’s important,” Davia says, “for people to realize, like, those are the stakes. This is everything. This is what’s at stake.”


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Dr. Davia J. Crutchfield, Ph. D. is the creator and co-founder of BL&CK (pronounced “and Black”). As a cultural researcher she presents (through Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics) how secular rap music serves as a cultural and spiritually empowering tool in the Black community. She incorporates cultural and personal experiences of race, sex, gender, spirituality and love through storytelling, written poetry, and spoken word.

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