“My relationship with power and control has evolved. One thing I am not afraid to say anymore is that I’m on a mission to get more power so I can redistribute it.” ~Kim Young

Let’s get into some trouble, shall we? Good trouble. The kind that shifts paradigms, creates opportunities, and leaves plenty of room for rest.

For that we’re going to need a dope accomplice. Kim Young, aka Dope Black Social Worker, is a revolutionary who has liberated herself from the idea that she had to be a therapist. Instead, she opted to forge her own career path as a self-described good troublemaker. 

The good trouble that Kim hopes to stir up is fueled by two core beliefs. First, that humans are interconnected and we need each other. Second, that racism and white supremacy are permanent fixtures in the United States. 

Here’s the thing though, by accepting this with certainty, Kim says she’s more realistic about the changes that can be accomplished. “We got to call each other [in] because there’s still opportunity to repair whatever harm is done. When you call out, all you do is just make the harm worse. When you call somebody in…I would hope there’s a willingness on both ends to try to, you know, repair and restore.”

Good trouble like the quest to repair and restore requires equally good periods of rest. Kim has learned to prioritize her well being. She’s also shared that lesson with colleagues and those under her supervision. ”I definitely know how to pause and take breaks and rest ‘cause I just understand that rest doesn’t have to be earned now.” 

Lest you think she’s going to let long-standing wrongs slide just to catch a nap, think again. Combating anti-Blackness in all its forms is her focus. As such, she doesn’t take answers steeped in systemic racism at face value, not when she’s got deeper follow-up questions that demand attention. 

Still. Even the most comprehensive, compassionate responses leave room for improvement – and Kim may have landed on the perfect solution: the next, better iteration of service-oriented organizations.

“Y’all we don’t need no more non-profits right now. 501c3s and nonprofits are not going to save us. They will not fund the revolution.” What will fund her healing revolution? A car wash. Yup. That’s right. She said it; I agree with it. 

Want to know how Kim’s vision is going to save the world? Yeah, you do! So give this conversation a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

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Guest Contact & Bio



Kim Young is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the Commonwealth of Virginia with

over a decade of experience working alongside at promise youth, families, and

communities. Kim is deeply committed to cross-sector collaboration that utilizes an asset-based approach to develop strategies which promote community-driven solutions

to system-created problems.

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