“I do want to help people build something big and awesome and impossible and that’s of a very high value and that is client-centered.” ~Annie Schuessler

How much do I adore Annie Schuessler? Let me count the ways so you, too, can fall hard for this business coach who helps therapists make an impact beyond a traditional private practice. 

She’s also the host of two podcasts: Rebel Therapist® and Listening To Adoptees. However, the real juice of this episode is about leveling up your professional therapy or healing aspirations and still being intentional about how you make, share, and spend your money. It’s not a contradiction to be client-centred, well-compensated, fulfilled, and successful! Annie explains it all. 

Annie understands the mental gymnastics that therapists and healers get into aligning their desire to serve with capitalism’s myriad abuses. As a therapist herself, she’s tackled personal questions of shame and worthiness that often percolate below the surface and get in the way of success. She’s mined those experiences to create essential resources (free ones, at that!) and more intense programs for multiple types of business personalities. “The thing I do is I help visionaries and especially visionaries who are healers to create businesses where they’re really doing the work that they’re meant to do,” she says. 

Throughout our conversation, Annie’s zone of genius shines through. She aims that powerful light on yours truly. I’m grateful to her for sharing some of that smart, focused insight for creating a well-balanced professional existence with us. Perhaps it’s because she had business cards printed up when she was a teenage babysitter. Or that her childhood nickname was Anna-lyzer.  Maybe it’s that she finds business models sexy. Or, it’s that her trials and triumphs as an adoptive parent which has forced her, again and again, to step into her glorious worthiness. Or that she’s an Enneagram 4. And a Capricorn. 

I dunno. Whatever it is, Annie’s vibe will have you ready to fully embrace your brilliance, and step into your professional worthiness in a healthy, sustainable way.

Annie Schuessler is a business coach and the host of the Rebel Therapist® Podcast. With her Rebel Therapist® Programs, she helps therapists, healers and coaches make an impact beyond a traditional private practice. You can find her resources at rebeltherapist.me.


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Rebel Therapist® Podcast
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