“What would it look like if I stopped trying to contort myself to fit other people’s ideas about how I should be?” ~Christina Watkins

A new year…and breathe! Never have we needed to clear the air more, physically and metaphorically speaking.

Let’s get into it.

But first, we need to get honest at the micro and the macro. Who are we, personally and professionally? What do we want for ourselves and our careers? What are we no longer willing to tolerate in others or ourselves? What are we prepared to expose to ensure our mental health?

What does all that honestly look like?

Ask Christina Watkins LCSW. Over the last few years, this thoughtful, funny, Black, queer ciswoman has crafted a practice of sustainability in all things: career, personal life, public persona. She’s learned truths about honesty, both brutal and beautiful. After so much mental and physical exertion just to stay afloat, Christina’s now better equipped to advocate for her body and her spirit. “I’ve learned something from everything, but…I think, particularly as I’ve become more healed and present in my life and less disassociated, I’m more aware of when things hurt.”

Call it equity of the ask, a soul-centered space from which Christina now lives. From here, she simultaneously confronts and protects herself from the micro-aggressions perpetrated against BIPOC as well as the objectification therapists often endure. Our conversation covers new territory framed by familiar …Wounded Healer themes: the decolonization of therapy; the reclaiming of agency for ourselves and as an example for our clients; the nurturing of reciprocity and repair in the workplace. 

Let’s get candid about what we need and how we’re going to achieve it! Let’s begin this new year with our continued awakening.

About Christina:

Christina Watkins (She/Her), LCSW. Black, queer, mystic, healer, connector, writer, and change maker. She lives in Oakland, California and maintains a private practice that centers Blackfolx and queer people of color.


Christina Watkins LCSW
IG: @rekindledembershealing



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