“Ultimately, I think for anybody who is struggling, just find that tiny bit of spark, that little bit of hope, and hold onto it.” ~Natalie LeSueur

There’s no better way to end this ____(insert your fave adjective here)___ year than hanging with Natalie LeSueur and me for Part II of our conversation. If you’ve not yet listened to Part I, go back! Get acquainted with this luminous lady and then join us for our high-vibin’ finale! 

“I think for most of my life, I didn’t want to be here. I didn’t have a place. I didn’t feel safe,” Natalie explains, retracing her journey from abused child to breathwork, embodiment, and yoga teacher – a healer born from multiple complex hurts. “In that moment, I wanted to take a breath. I wanted to be here. I mean, it was just fucking insane.” The aching familiarity of her story affirms one of my favorite NARM truisms: we instinctively want to move toward healing. And we keep trudging onward until we find our beacon. 

Natalie knows what it’s like to bob alone on rough seas. These days she shines her light so others can find their way, holding safe space online, a format that’s offered some unexpected benefits in terms of quieting and creating. Natalie invites everyone to develop a daily sacred practice that we can live with, shedding preconceived notions of how one “should” approach such things. Move, breathe, sit in silence; the mechanics are unimportant. What matters, says Natalie, is the intention: rooting down into yourself and integrating the majestic and the mess residing inside all of us. 

If you recognize that invitation as a return to the divine feminine, you’re right! This is a balancing balm for the overwhelming masculinity that’s ruled these last few years. It’s time we course-corrected to calmer waters. May we all take Natalie’s suggestion and cultivate a more integrated approach to our healing in the New Year. May we all follow her example and project our gifts outward. 

Thank you for your love, your support, and your spirit this last twelve months!

About Natalie:

I am an adoptee.

A survivor of acute, chronic, complex and sexual trauma.


TRAUMA informed breath work, embodiment and meditation teacher. I am a Business mentor and an INTUITIVE.

I am also the Prez of The LIGHT Collective an online yoga community and school with a deep feminine resonance.

I advocate for body agency, mental health, social justice and action.

I wish to see people not only survive but thrive by cultivating a more heart-centred, sacred life through the practice of trust, humour and loving-kindness towards yourself and others.

I am an embodiment, somatic, neuroscientific and all things mind/body geek.

I love the work of and have studied with Sian Pascale, Judith Blackstone, Sarah Peyton, Dr. Scott Lyons, Zabie Yamasaki, Christopher Wallis and Thomas Huebl.

A question I like to ask is …HOW DO YOU SHOW UP IN THE WORLD?





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