“I really feel like I not only deserve love, but I am love. I really am.” ~Natalie LeSueur

In a year that has revealed the startling fragility of many systems and the remarkable strength of unlikely bonds, I find calm in the connectedness in all these things. Ok yes, and a bit of anxiety, too. It’s not easy being human! 

That truism is often lost in the polished void of social media. Still, for all its dark attributes, social media provides space for us to ally with others and find our tribes even in places as far away as Australia. Shout out to Instagram, my fave way to connect with friends I haven’t yet met. It’s there that Natalie LeSueur and I first became acquainted. 

This brilliant, wise-hearted woman is many things: mother, breathwork teacher, intuitive… the list is extensive. Natalie’s also a survivor of complex psychological and sexual trauma. I’m grateful for her honesty and willingness to share her multi-layered experience. To that end, for listeners who are feeling fragile with this type of content, please take care of yourself first. Bookmark this episode for a later date; we’ll be here when you’re ready. 

In this first of our two-part conversation, Natalie and I discuss her adolescent traumas and how she finally found support on her journey to becoming a source of light for others. Her healing is centered on the belief that inner work evolves rather than finishes. It’s a lesson which circles back to the connectedness in all things: science and survival; client and therapist; podcaster and listener.

“I just really liked listening to how people arrive where they are, I suppose, and then there is this really lovely honesty about it because I think we just all need to get a little real.” 

About Natalie:

I am an adoptee.

A survivor of acute, chronic, complex and sexual trauma.


TRAUMA informed breath work, embodiment and meditation teacher. I am a Business mentor and an INTUITIVE.

I am also the Prez of The LIGHT Collective an online yoga community and school with a deep feminine resonance.

I advocate for body agency, mental health, social justice and action.

I wish to see people not only survive but thrive by cultivating a more heart-centred, sacred life through the practice of trust, humour and loving-kindness towards yourself and others.

I am an embodiment, somatic, neuroscientific and all things mind/body geek.

I love the work of and have studied with Sian Pascale, Judith Blackstone, Sarah Peyton, Dr. Scott Lyons, Zabie Yamasaki, Christopher Wallis and Thomas Huebl.

A question I like to ask is …HOW DO YOU SHOW UP IN THE WORLD?






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