“It’s a weird place to be when you’re in the midst of your own work.” ~Ashley Solomon

First of all, you know I love getting to know new friends on air. Secondly, if you’ve listened to this show for a while (and why wouldn’t you?!), you know I’m all in when the topic du jour is either NARM-adjacent or Enneagram-related. But when the conversation contains all the things? Oh, my! 

Ashley Solomon, PSY.D, CEDS, is founder of Gelia collaborative in Cincinnati and a new best friend. The collaborative is female-focused, supporting women’s wellbeing and empowerment through behavioral health, leadership, coaching, content creation, and events. Ashley specializes in eating disorders, fertility, anxiety, and career issues. While both of us use different models in practice, our desire to help clients regain agency lost to the relational or developmental traumas experienced in childhood is aligned. “We can alter and change those things,” she says, “through some of that inner child work and reparenting ourselves and kind of shifting things in our present-day relationships.” 

Beyond her own inner child work, the Enneagram is the model that has resonated with Ashley the most on a personal and relational level. She describes it as a “cool uncovering” process which has provided her with a complete picture of her authentic nature. She says the Enneagram is the only tool that she and her husband felt truly captured the essence of their challenges and provided a path toward strengthening their relationship. “We had never really found anything like this where we could connect around a common language.” 

The healer questions catch Ashley in a deeply reflective mode. What an honor it is that Ashley felt protected enough in the virtual community we’ve created to share an intimate piece of herself with us.

Thank you, Ashley. Thank you, listeners.

Dr. Ashley Solomon is a licensed clinical psychologist and the founder of Galia Collaborative, a behavioral health and empowerment organization dedicated to elevating the impact of purpose-driven girls and women. She blends her love for research, her commitment to social justice, and her hard-earned experience to support women at challenge points in their lives. 


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