As part of our “Archival August,” we are re-releasing episodes from the past that have held specific significance for me recently, as I take some time for personal healing. This episode with Tanya Markul felt right to share right now because the world is going through a major transformation and all the shadows are coming to light so we can transmute them. Tanya’s latest book is The She Book v.2.


Tanya Markul’s path is one of the poetess, intuitive and wounded storyteller. An unwanted child, she was raised on barren soil, of shame, guilt and overwhelming self-hatred. From the womb, her inner navigation was tainted from an ancestry of addiction, instability, abuse and fear. Her journey to self-heal, and to become ready to guide others, has taken many arduous paths, risks and harrowing rebirths.

In this episode, Sarah speaks with the Thug Unicorn herself: Tanya Markul. Tanya and Sarah discuss the ecstasy within the ache, what lies beneath our traumatic stories, and how we share our stories in an effort to inspire others to find their way out of trauma and pain.