“Having those wounds shapes you, but also lets the next person know that they can heal from their wounds.” ~Da’Jonese Turner

Empathy + Empowerment = Resilience. That’s a standard formula for wellbeing but without access, whole communities never receive the attention they deserve. That leaves generations of traumas and day-to-day anxieties unidentified and unaddressed. 

Lean in to what Da’Jonese Turner, MA, has to say about the power of affordable, accessible wellness options for all. Da’Jonese is the founder of Me In The Making Wellness, a haven where Chicago’s Black population and POC can experience mental health care from therapists who understand the emotional baggage — not least of which is the  “weakness” associated with asking for help. The boutique space provides care via a multi-pronged model of counseling, coaching, and community. 

A former case worker for DCFS, De’Jonese takes a special interest in the emotional wellbeing of young women and girls, a group often most in need of support but least likely to receive it. With them in mind, she added a multi-week holistic enrichment program to her practice called Made U

Da’Jonese fantasy of a mission-driven center has been a bricks and mortar reality since 2015 — a lifetime ago by today’s hurry-up and wait standards. 2020 continues to serve up wildly mixed messages: Stay home to avoid COVID19! Get out and protest for social change! 

CWH is grateful to Da’Jonese for opening up about her resulting mental fatigue and self-care (or not) routine. She shared with us an inspiring story from her practice and offered straightforward advice for white people new to the work of becoming anti-racist. “I would hope that for people who are struggling with race, when you know what racism is and what it looks like, to find somebody that they can talk to about it and figure it out from there.”





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