“The whole system was created to keep you distracted onto a battlefield. You could not have been put on this wonderful journey called life to fight. That could not be what we are here to do.” ~Monika Black 

What do you get when a leadership maximizer and the Wounded Healer get together to discuss light and shadow, happiness and shame? A roadmap to joy and an invitation to claim your agency, naturally! 

Besides being an amazing human, Monika Black, PhD., is a positive psychology expert who’s shifted to coaching, a space she says allows her to live and lead with authenticity. In one of life’s sweet synchronicities, her profession was bestowed upon her at birth. 

Monika means counselor and Layla means the night. So I’m counselor of the night,” she said of her full name. “It’s been my wonderful journey in this life to help people to find their light and lead from it, despite the shadows.”

So, about those shadows… Pick an -ism (capitalism, racism, sexism, colonialism) and drill down to its essence, to the core of shame and pain. That’s where adherents to and victims of the dark -isms find themselves, existing in the shadows. The -isms take away individual agency and force victims to work from a deficit. 

Monika sees her role as a guide out from under dark power structures. The journey toward the light, however, can be lengthy, crisscrossing battlefields that are generations wide. Monika points her clients on a path around those battles, reminding them that these fights were never theirs to begin with. 

Hang on…your internal alarm bells are ringing like crazy, right? You’re thinking “Heyyyyy, um, but isn’t my struggle valid? Aren’t my concerns and fears worthy of exploration?” Don’t worry, this Wounded Healer always has your back and Monika had a simple, elegant lead-in to that very topic. 

“I can’t dispel the shadows,” she said, “but in the light, they are irrelevant.” Her words read like a mantra and, in many ways, that’s Monika’s work distilled to its most vital and pure sentiment. She’s here to show her clients how they can address the shadows and ultimately reclaim the gifts of inner lightness and joy.


Monika Black PhD


Big Joy Theory

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