“I’m very grateful for the wounds that I have acquired in my life. And I see now how those wounds were openings to something greater.” ~Gregory Koufacos

The patriarchy, amiright?! They’re an easy (and rightfully) targeted group. However, there’s an entire generation growing up under the influence of our current system. What are we – therapists and society in general – doing to help them heal from the twin scourges of addiction and toxic masculinity? 

Gregory Koufacos MA, LCADC, NCRC, founder and CEO of Velocity Mentoring, is the bright light in the dark tunnel, not at the end of it. He and Sarah discuss his work with emerging men and bond over what addiction therapy practitioners can do to better support this community. 

“I naturally settled on working with a very, very specific demographic, which is young men or what I call emerging men,” says Greg of his practice’s focus on males 16-30. “They’re not men yet. They’re emerging. They’re trying to emerge from boyhood into manhood.” 

That period can be a difficult transit for anyone. For men navigating addiction recovery or mental health challenges, the care given in these years can make or break their future survival. Greg’s method is informed by his experience in traditional therapy settings but not strictly aligned with those techniques – for good reason. In his experience, typical modalities are woefully deficient when it comes to this demographic. 

So where do we begin? What can we do to advance the healing? Glad you asked! 

Primal Method, Greg’s soon-to-be-published book, addresses those very same questions. “A big part of the process is teaching men that we cannot take what we want, right? We have to earn and work and there is a collaboration with the divine feminine, with the female, with the earth.” It’s common-sense messaging that’s rarely reinforced within the male population. 

“And that’s why they get so stuck. That’s where addictions become big.” Greg moves beyond simply addressing pain. He teaches clients how to build a foundation for growth and resilience which lasts a lifetime. “I want to immediately start to work with them and mentor them and move alongside life with them, to lead them and to go on a path of victory.”

Light in the tunnel!

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