“Each person is uniquely designed and each person is part of a big, giant puzzle of humanity.” ~Robin Winn

This episode is like…your brain on pure, vibrational energy. Robin Winn, veteran therapist, Human Design specialist, and the best-selling author of Understanding Your Clients Through Human Design, chats with Sarah about how this relatively new system of awareness can radically alter the way we interact and empower us to see (and appreciate!) each other for who we really are.

It’s impossible not to join in Robin’s enthusiasm for her work, even if you know nothing about the model itself. Complex in nature, Human Design is best described as a fusion of ancient and modern sciences used to encourage differentiation. By calculating basic intel (date of birth, time, location), it “charts” your makeup similar to how astrology and the Enneagram charts work. 

“One of my clients said to me, I feel like God just gave me a picture of myself and said Look: this is who you are.” The image, presented without judgement, forms the foundation of the model’s core teaching, that our differences aren’t something that requires fixing. “We are not wrong,” says Robin, “this is how we were designed.”

Using Sarah’s chart as an example, Robin explains some of the systems key components, including the four types of humanity. The results are compelling. Her analysis zeros in on this Wounded Healer’s strengths, weaknesses, and childhood struggles. “This is why it’s so helpful for a therapist or a coach or a business!” Robin says. “If I could do this for therapists, if I could use this with coaches, just think how much more quickly they could support their clients on their path and how empowering it would be!” 

Just think, indeed! 

Robin’s so passionate about the impact Human Design can have on the parent-child relationship as well as client-therapist interactions, she’s offering CWH listeners a free copy of her book! Simply drop her an email using “Sarah” in the subject line to robin@clientsandhumandesign.com. Mind. Blown. Thank you, Robin!


CWH099 – The Enneagram Episode

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