There are thousands of online personality tests, all designed to help you uncover your type — or, at least provide an inventory of adjectives that probably, maybe, sort of describe you. The Enneagram is not a modern survey or sliding scale of attributes. Nor is it a superficial list of words. It’s a system with ancient roots based in sacred geometry. 

“To know the Enneagram,” says energy healer Rachel Alexandria, “is to have access to information about yourself that makes you feel like you’re not broken, you’re not wrong, and you’re not alone.” 

Rachel is a former psychotherapist who found herself dissatisfied with the limits inherent to office-bound therapy. She wanted to support her clients in the spaces between their visits: where they lived, how they worked, the projects they needed to complete. With the Enneagram’s personality model as her foundation, she created a healing practice dedicated to accessing energies and guiding clients through their radical transformations. “I work with people to mainly help them create what they’ve really been aching to build.” 

If you’re new to the Enneagram model, Rachel shares some common principles in the episode using herself and Sarah as examples (types 8 and 3, respectively). In addition to her Enneagram work, Rachel is an author and a practitioner of tapping therapy. The practice is yet another way she promotes healing and wellbeing without limits. “I really want people to suffer less, have better lives.” 

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