In 2016, she left a thriving career in IT Corporate Canada to form ‘aishaheals’ with a mission to help people live life to their fullest by helping them get rid of their emotional baggage. She chose to be a stay at home mom without sacrificing her passions and dreams. It gives her deep inner peace that she is able to reach out to so many people on daily basis and give them hope and show them the light. When you are living your passion everyday, you find a way! She truly believes that she is healing herself as she helps people heal. WE are one, we are connected and we are in this together!

Aisha is another incredible Instagram friend! Aisha and Sarah discuss her modality of energy healing: The Emotion Code and The Body Code. Aisha shares her own journey with chronic pain and how her search for her own healing has allowed her to help others.



IG: @aishaheals

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