Erin is a Clinical Psychotherapist, neuro-bio regulation Touch Skills Therapist and Somatic Experience Practitioner. She is passionate about treating trauma and helping her clients heal

past complex trauma, eating disorders, childhood development/attachment ruptures and artists with creativity/performance anxiety. Erin is also a psychic medium and energy healer. She grew up in New Orleans where she first became aware of her intuitive gifts. She works in two worlds: science and spirit. She draws on all her skill sets to know how best to be of service.

Her mission is to relieve mental, spiritual and physical suffering in the world. She is passionate about helping her clients manifest their dreams and bring about love, joy, beauty and truth. Erin paints, writes and swims in Chicago.

Erin and Sarah discuss the integration of psychic phenomena and science, trauma, and the journeys that lead to healing. To watch Erin’s incredible psychic gifts in action, check out her reading of Sarah on her YouTube show Word Up:

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