//042 – Jenna Fox – The Switchback

042 – Jenna Fox – The Switchback

Jenna Fox is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, educator, writer, and tarot reader living on unceded Duwamish land called Seattle.  As a queer, adult adoptee, she is working to reclaim ancestral wisdom to pass on to her children. She is described by her community college students as “sympathetic, but with a blunt sense of humor.”

Jenna and Sarah discuss the spiral we go through in life; moving through similar waves of learning, gathering new information each time we meet a familiar obstacle. They also geek out about education, tarot and all things witchy.

For more information about Jenna, find her here:

website: www.leorisingtarot.com

podcast: https://anchor.fm/leorisingpodcast

Instagram: @leorisingtarot


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