“I recognize within myself that there were huge cycles that needed to be broken. And, with having two girls, it was so important for me for those cycles to be broken.” ~Nellie D.

This show, like life itself, is an exercise in connect-the-dots. From listeners linked around the globe (shout out, Saudi Arabia!), to friends met over on IG, to acquaintances made through other guests, we Wounded Healers vibe on levels that run deep. 

Today’s guest is no exception. I met Nellie D. through Jim Martin of Unusual Buddha. She’s a self-described Mother extraordinaire and lifelong learner whose spiritual journey has led her about as far from her traditional evangelical Christian upbringing as one can venture: to a point where Buddhism and Wiccan philosophy intersect. Now let’s get witchy!

I say that with complete respect and admiration. As someone who also grew up constrained by patriarchal Christianity’s tyranny, I, too, find comfort in exploring different expressions of spirituality and faith. Prayer is meditation and vice versa; the golden rule of extending kindness toward others is the same across religions. However, when it comes to witchcraft or Wiccan ritual, centuries’ worth of exploitive and fantastic fiction has twisted the magic into something threatening. No surprise, much of the mischaracterization originated with the same patriarchal forces that contorted many an organized religion’s enlightened principles.

Of her hybrid Wiccan practice, Nellie says it’s all about education and healing. As the mother of two daughters, she knows firsthand the “unlearning” that women require to maintain healthy mental wellbeing. In healing her wounds, Nellie’s healing her daughters’ futures as well as her ancestral past, tattooing over the scars and making them beautiful. Ultimately, she’s accessing empowerment, something that so many of us hope to make stick well after this pandemic is history. Wicca offers another way to carry that peace and that progress forward. “It is a connection with the energies around you and exploring those energies,” explains Nellie, “and also honoring those energies.” 

Witches truly are our better angels. 


CWH152: Jim Martin / Unusual Buddha


Wiccan Church Of Canada – Toronto Temple


Nellie D is a Mother extraordinaire with an Earth-loving flair, always seeking new adventures, and excited for lifelong learning!

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