“I feel like the Millennial generation…we’re very into breaking the generational curses.” ~Lauren McBride

Behind the strong black woman archetype are millions of women seeking balance; safe spaces in which they can let down their guard without shame, fear, or judgement. Lauren McBride, LCPC, is poised to destigmatize mental health self-care in her community and, in the process, allow POC–especially women–the right to claim a more nuanced, authentic expression of self.

Lauren’s desire to concentrate on the black community, a portion of the population historically underserved by therapists and counselors of color, sprung from a childhood spent in foster care. As a black woman working with clients who’ve experienced past trauma, relational issues, depression, or anxiety, she understands the cultural implications around seeking assistance. For the strong black woman, asking for help can be tantamount to tearing down generations of defenses. Ironically, that’s exactly what Lauren aims to do: support POC in their quest to initiate profound conversations and bring about an end to traumatic family cycles. 

Says Lauren, “I’m going to be your coach and your cheerleader at the same time. And when you’re out there in the field, I want to make sure that I provide you with the tools necessary to bring forth the change that you want to see because, clearly, you came here for a purpose.” 

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NAMI Chicago

Shifting: The Double Lives of Black Women in America

Therapy For Black Girls

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