“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars.” – Kahil Gibran 

Taking care of others? That’s the easy part: shining a light so others can find their own way. But taking care of ourselves? Well…when the self is shrouded in shadows, the wounded healer can get lost in the dark. 

**Trigger warning for those with spiritual or religious wounding**

A dark night of the soul, a phrase based on the 16th-century poem of the same name by St. John of the Cross, is, essentially, the suffering one endures as they travel toward spiritual growth and ultimate union with the Divine (in St. John’s case, God). It’s a kind of existential road trip in which the first leg of the journey is difficult and the second absolutely horrible. In the deep end of this crisis, the wounded healer abandons agency; sinking while waiting to be saved. But, by reclaiming the ability to make choices, we can reconnect with our Divine (however that being manifests for you). When we do the work of breaking down so we can align with our essential nature, our Divine helps us tap into our inner knowing — even when the outside world has gone to hell. 




Change Me Prayers: The Hidden Power of Spiritual Surrender by Tosha Silver

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