“Wounded healer points back to something that we both hold really sacred, which is like, we’re all human beings here. And we’re never not human beings as long as we’re in one of these things called the human body.” ~Brooke Thomas 

Vanessa Scotto is a Counselor, meditation teacher, and Chinese Medicine practitioner whose work integrates spirituality and psychology. In her early 20’s, Vanessa’s own struggle with depression and anxiety catapulted her on an academic and personal journey. Along the way she earned two Master’s degrees and logged over 20 years of clinical practice. 

Brooke Thomas has been in practice as a manual therapist (Rolfing practitioner) and movement educator since 2000. She is also the creator of the Liberated Body podcast. Her work is devoted to uncovering and celebrating how truly wondrous our bodies are; These gorgeous organisms that connect us to our deepest clarity, our world, and each other. 

Together, they host the podcast Bliss and Grit: conversations about being on a spiritual path in the modern world.

Vanessa, Brooke and Sarah discuss their personal calls to attend to their own healing process, the identity deconstruction that comes with trauma work, and the many paths to healing.

“You can still be you, but now your achievement is for play, not because your life depends on it. Your achievement is for joy, not because your whole sense of self-worth depends on it” ~Vanessa Scotto

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