What happens to someone with an opioid addiction? Popular debate currently limits their recovery to two outcomes: a lifetime of fruitless struggle or death. 

Why don’t we hear more and talk more about addicts getting better? Of addicts living meaningful lives? 

Those are the questions at the heart of James McDonald’s work. He wants to change the public discourse so that conversations centered around addiction and recovery include positive narratives of hope and healing. Such shifts in perspective could positively impact the way addicts are supported and greatly improve recovery outcomes.

In this final episode of 2020, James and Sarah discuss addiction and recovery in terms not often expressed in the mainstream dialogue. They also share their insights on a myriad of other topics — personal trauma work, imposter syndrome — and get to the heart of why wounded healers love the work they do.

Originally hailing from Seattle, James is a Milwaukee transplant and current Counseling Psychology Ph.D. student at Marquette University. He is an aspiring psychologist and researcher passionate about whole-person healing

If you or someone you know qualifies for James’ study, please contact him at: james.mcdonald@marquette.edu 


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